Women in engineering


Although engineering continues to be a male-dominated profession, since 2010 both the percentage and number of women in engineering roles has increased. This report from Engineering UK uses data from the Labour Force Survey (LFS) to explore this trend in more detail, focusing on which engineering roles and industries have seen the most progress, in terms of gender balance – and which have seen the least.

Shaping digitalisation in a gender-equitable way


This report summarises the Federal Government of Germany's Expert Opinion on its most recent Gender Equality Report published in June 2021, which addresses the question: "What steps need to be taken to shape the developments of the digital economy in such a way that women and men have equal capabilities?"

Women in STEM Action Plan


The main objective of this plan is to show how addressing the underrepresentation of women in “In Demand STEM Skills” – those science and technology skills which underpin the Vision for a 10x Economy – is critical to achieving the DfE's overall ambition.

The Alison Rose Review Progress Report 2022


The Alison Rose Review Progress Report 2022 sets out progress made since the Rose Review was published in 2019, and what still needs to be done. The UK can still achieve the target of boosting the number of female entrepreneurs by 600,000 by the end of the decade.

Should I stay or should I go?


Educational migration is a long-standing feature of Northern Ireland’s economy. In this new research Pivotal presents data from current students about reasons for leaving Northern Ireland for study elsewhere. The research also explored what might motivate people to return home after graduation or later in life.

Resetting Tech Culture


This new report produced jointly by Accenture and Girls Who Code argues that an inclusive culture—one that is not only diverse on paper, but that enables everyone to have a voice—is the master key that unlocks opportunities for women who are studying and working in technology.

Lift off to Leadership


A new survey from global management consulting firm Oliver Wyman and the International Aviation Womens Association (IAWA) gives an insight to the challenges faced by the aviation industry in attracting and retaining diverse workforces.

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